IGA’s Board of Directors was formed in 2013 in accordance to the Law on the Export Credit Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette 62/2004). It is made up of five members, from which two are appointed from each entity, while one member is from BiH institutions. Selection and appointment of members for the Board of Directors is done by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers through suggestion of entity governments and competent ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the principal of representation of the constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agency’s Board of Directors consists of:

    On behalf of BiH institutions:
  1. Dragana Lažetić - since 12.17.2012.
    On behalf of Federation BiH:
  1. Mira Bradara - since 12.17.2012.
  2. Goran Miraščić - since 03.03.2016.
    On behalf of Republic of Srpska:
  1. Gordana Praštalo - since 12.17.2012.
  2. Adisa Banović - since 12.17.2012.

The president of the Board is Ms. Mira Bradara.

The deputy president of the Board is Ms. Drgana Lažetić.