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Why I need information about solvency/Credit report?

When you need to make a right decision whether to establish collaboration with a new buyer or supplier and when you need to know which changes happened with an existing partner, you need reliable information. Thanks to a great number of solvency firms and partner companies with which Iga has established collaboration, we can acquire solvency information on almost every company in the world.

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What does solvency information contain?

    Solvency information contains:
  • Company Contact Information,
  • Main Business Activity,
  • Information on the Industrial Sector,
  • Ownership Structure,
  • Management Staff,
  • Number of Employees,
  • Financial Statements (balance sheets),
  • Financial Indicators (liquidity, financial power, profitability, management of assets and management of debts),
  • Information on Indebtedness and Servicing Debt and
  • Recommendation for Collaboration or Non-Collaboration with Companies.

What does solvency information enable me?

It enables defining selling and supply conditions which suit the financial situation of the business partner or even bringing a decision to abandon collaboration if the partner is illiquid or has a bad payment history. Furthermore, if a company is suitable for collaboration, we will propose a credit limit which you should pose to a tested partner and which is suitable to the highest risk that Iga would undertake towards that partner.

How much does solvency determination cost?

The price of solvency determination depends on the company´┐Żs country whose solvency is being determined, respectively to the availability of relevant information. For a particular case and more information, contact our staff in one of IGA's offices.

What do I need to do in order to get a solvency statement?

In order to obtain solvency information of a particular company, you need fill out an application form and submit it along with requested documentation to the nearest Iga office. After application approval and signing of the contract, its realization follows, which means that you can expect a solvency statement in about 10 days.

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