Trade credit insurance

Receivables Collection Insurance is a unique financial instrument which protects you from the risk of non-payment from one or more buyers due to deteriorating financial circumstances or bankruptcy.


Faktoring je usluga koja vam omogućava prodaju proizvoda i usluga na odgođeno plaćanje, pri čemu za naplatu ne morate čekati istek dogovorenog kreditnog perioda, već novac dobijate odmah.


Participation of domestic companies in international tenders, shipment of goods or work contracts abroad is usually accompanied with a request from buyers/investors for assuring corresponding bank guarantees.

Credit reporting

When you need to make a right decision whether to establish collaboration with a new buyer or supplier and when you need to know which changes happened with an existing partner, you need reliable information.

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welcome to Export Credit Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina - IGA web site. Agency IGA operates on whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Headquarter is placed in Sarajevo, while two branches are in Banja Luka and Mostar.

IGA supports BH exports through specialy designed financial and consulting products, aimed for support of exports and based on extensive knowledge of foreign markets, collected by IGA staff members for more than 10 years.

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Prague Club Berne Union is an international association of new and existing insurers of export credit and investments. Its members are primarily countries from Central and Eastern Europe, while Iga has been a full member of the Prague Club since 1998. The Prague Club supports its members in development of their capacities and systems for export credit and investment insurance.

One of the most important activities of the Prague Club is establishing collaboration and exchange of information and experiences between export credit agencies through regular meetings which are held twice a year. Iga was a host for one of Prague Club’s meetings which was help between November 29th and December 1st, 2005.

The level of the operation is secured by non-risk export sales, but such a scheme allows the exporter to offer goods at more favorable terms to its foreign customers. The costs of administration and documentation are lower, and more time is saved for the exporter and for his buyer.


In 2004, the BiH Parliament enacted a Law on the Export Credit Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and with that affirmed IGA’s continuation of work as a State Export Credit Agency with a founding capital of 52 million KM. IGA operates as an independent, non-deposit and non-profit legal entity in accordance to principals on liquidity and insuring business without losses.

The goal of the Law on Establishing the Export Credit Agency BiH is to ensure conditions for stimulating export of goods and services from Bosnia and Herzegovina via insurance, financing, issuing guarantees, as well as establishing a base for development and promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economic relations with foreign countries.

The Law on Establishing the Export Credit Agency BiH regulates the status, function, management and leadership, authorization, responsibilities and financing of IGA.

Law on Export Credit Agency of BiH

Public tenders


Konkurs za IZBOR I IMENOVANJE Generalnog direktora i Zamjenika generalnog direktora Izvozno kreditne agencije Bosne i Hercegovine



Konkurs za IZBOR I IMENOVANJE Zamjenika generalnog direktora Izvozno kreditne agencije Bosne i Hercegovine – Rukovodilac Filijale Mostar (ZATVORENO)





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