IGA generally finances all industries. However, there are certain exceptions where extra caution may take place. For example, factoring is rarely associated with construction, meat and service industry, while performance guarantees are almost exclusively issued to companies in construction, engineering and service industries.

Historically, some of the industries are BiH trademark, generally and exports-wise. Before the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) BiH was largest exporter among former Yugoslavia republics. Most of this export was associated with metal, arms, wood and engineering exports, however today arms production is reduced to almost nothing.

There are two major exporters that account of more than 35% of all BiH exports, both in metal industry (steel and aluminum). Some 10-15% of exports are associated with small individual exports that do not present market for IGA’s services. Among our clients concentration within major industries reflects share of these industries in overall exports from BiH.

IGA largest current exposure lays in metal industry. We have supported and still support various metal producers, from steel tubes production to production of small parts for car industry and cable production. Trade industry became second major exposure, due to several large companies that opened regional distribution centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Wood and food industry follow in our portfolio, as well as construction and engineering, least ones being issued guarantees.